FN Wheels Update : October 8, 2021 – Important Shipping Information

17″ Konig Countersteer Type X – Set of Four Wheels


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17″ Konig Countersteer Type X – complete set of four wheels


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Diameter: 17″
Width: 8″
Bolt pattern (PCD): 6×139.7mm
Offset: -10mm
Backspacing: 4.1″
Center bore: 106.2mm (Toyota hub centric)
Center cap: Included

*The 17″ Konig Countersteer Type X is currently manufactured specifically for late-model (generally late-1990’s ~ present) Toyota trucks (2WD or 4WD) with short hubs. If you have a truck other than a late-model Toyota (including non-Toyota trucks or earlier model Toyota trucks with tall hubs, full floating, manual locking, custom axles, etc.), or if you’re just not sure if our wheels will fit your truck, please contact us prior to ordering : (951)735-1100 or [email protected]. We have Countersteer Type X wheels for your truck, but they may require custom machining of the center bore to fit over your hubs.

As of late 2020 : Extended thread, conical seat lug nuts are now required to install the 17″ Konig Countersteer Type X wheels on all Toyota trucks. The lug nuts are available for purchase on our website or by calling us at (951)735-1100. 17″ Konig Countersteer Type X wheels that were produced earlier than June 2020 require regular conical seat lug nuts. If you need replacement lug nuts for your Countersteer Type X wheels and are unsure which version you have please call us. We can help you figure out which lug nuts you need.

Colors Available:

  • Gunmetal Currently sold out.  The ETA for gunmetal is December 2021.
  • Matte Black– In-stock.
  • Matte Bronze – Currently sold out. The eta for matte bronze is December 2021. *We have singles available for spares/replacements.
  • Dark Metallic Blue Currently sold out. The eta for dark metallic blue is January/February 2022.

09/16/2021: Inventory Status Update

  • Matte black  17″ Konig Countersteer Type X wheels are in stock.
  • Matte bronze 17″ Konig Countersteer Type X wheels are currently sold out as of the date of this update, with two (2) individual wheels in stock only. Please call us to pre-order a set or to check stock.
  • Gunmetal 17″ Konig Countersteer Type X wheels sold out in June. We expect to have more in stock by December 2021 (if not sooner), and we are now accepting pre-orders for the next production run of gunmetal wheels.
  • Dark metallic blue 17″ Konig Countersteer Type X wheels sold out at the end of May. This color is a more limited production color than the other finishes we offer. We expect to have more dark metallic blue 17×8″ Konig Countersteer Type X wheels back in stock by January/February 2022.
  • 16×8″ +0mm offset 6×139.7 Konig Countersteer Type X wheels will be available by the first week of October 2021. A product page for the 16×8″ version will be added once the wheels are available. The 16×8″ wheels are available for pre-order now, and we expect to begin shipping pre-orders by early / mid October.


Available Colors

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