FN Wheels Update : December 1, 2021 – Important Shipping Information

Extended Thread (ET) Black Spline Drive 12mm x 1.50 Lug Nuts (24pcs + Spline Key)




These lug nuts are a perfect match for use with the majority of our wheels produced after 2020 and for use with all current production wheels (except for the 16×8″ Konig Countersteer Offroad which requires regular conical seat lug nuts).

12mm x 1.50 lug nuts work with Toyota 6-lug applications. *

Each set includes 24 black spline drive, extended thread (ET) conical seat lug nuts and a spline key. Shipping is also included.

*Please contact us for other applications such as Toyotas with 5x150mm hubs or non-Toyota applications. If you’re not sure which lug nuts you need please call us toll free (U.S. and Canada) : (855)WHEEL-00 (855-943-3500) or local/international : 1-951-735-1100.