FN Wheels Update : Important Shipping Information – PLEASE READ PRIOR TO ORDERING (UPDATED 05/16/2024)

FN Wheels Update : Important Shipping Information – PLEASE READ PRIOR TO ORDERING (UPDATED 05/16/2024)

Current information regarding shipping and handling lead times (Updated May 16, 2024)

Dear FN Wheels Customers,

Thank you for your business and patronage, and thank you for your patience while we work through the ongoing logistical delays of the last few years.

As a result of intermittent delays from our ancillary vendors (the ports, FedEx, USPS, trucking companies, air freight companies, and packaging suppliers), high demand for our wheels, and our detail oriented processes, our packaging and handling lead times are currently one (1) to three (3) business days for in-stock products. This processing and handling time is necessary so that we can continue to perform a final inspection of every single wheel before it leaves our warehouse, adequately package every item with extra protection and packaging material, double box every wheel, and ensure that every order is checked for accuracy. The processing time will be in addition to the normal delivery time from the carrier (i.e. FedEx, USPS, etc.).

Typical shipping transit times are 2-7 business days once the packages leave our facility (more on that below). Tracking will be provided once your order has been fully inspected and prepared for shipping. We do not generate tracking numbers in advance, as that usually only serves to create confusion as to when the package will actually be shipped. For example, many of us have received tracking numbers that only state “label created” or something similar, and then the status isn’t updated for days. While it’s great to have a tracking number right away, we prefer to generate tracking upon shipment, and not upon receipt of the customer’s order, so that once you receive tracking information you know that your order is on the way and not in limbo. Please keep this in mind when placing your order. If you require delivery on/by a specific date please include that note in the comments section of your order, or please call to let us know or to place your order by phone. We will make every possible effort to accommodate your request, but in some instances we may not be able to speed up the processing, packaging, handling and/or shipping time.

Please also note that all of the major shipping companies are experiencing heavy volume and labor shortages. Consequently, there might be shipping delays once your items have shipped. We fully insure every shipment, so that in the extremely unlikely event that your package is lost (and not just delayed by a few days due to the high shipping volume that the carriers are handling) you will be 100% covered. We continue to ship all packages with signature confirmation as well, so that your packages won’t be left on your porch or driveway only to disappear before you get home. We will never stick our customers with the onus of dealing with a claim for missing shipments either. We take full responsibility for every item that we ship to our customers.

Please further note that due to FedEx, UPS and U.S. Postal Service policies we cannot ship replacement products until a package has been delayed by more than 10 days from the original estimated delivery date. Orders for sets of wheels will ship as multi-piece orders with individual (or pairs of) tracking numbers that are associated with a master tracking number. In the unlikely event that your packages are delivered on different dates, you may be required to be present on multiple dates and/or at different times to sign for your packages. The carriers do not consider a package to be lost until the 11th day after the original estimated delivery date. This means that in certain, very rare circumstances our customers might have to wait upwards of 3-4 weeks from their order date before they receive their complete order when taking into account processing time, original transit time, any delays plus the time that it takes for a replacement to arrive. We deeply apologize should this occur. We have no control over this inconvenience despite repeated calls and letters to our FedEx account representative and customer service representatives. This is not exclusively an “FN Wheels” problem. It is a worldwide shipping and logistics issue that has been ongoing for the last four years.

With that said, in light of record high volume FedEx has lost only a handful (less than 10) of our customers’ packages from the time spanning March 2020 – April 2024, and in each incident we kept in constant communication with our customer and provided a solution as quickly as possible without any added expense or inconvenience to our customer. Despite more frequent delays, it is still an extremely rare occurrence that a package is lost in transit or delayed more than 2 or 3 days.

If you have a specific need or delivery date requirement please contact us by phone before placing your order. We will do everything that we possibly can to accommodate your request, and if we don’t feel like we can make it happen we will inform you prior to taking your order. It is never our intention to disrupt, deceive or disappoint any of our customers – ever. It is our stated goal to exceed our customers’ expectations both with the quality of our product and our service.

Thank again very, very much for your patience and support. We will continue to put forth our best effort to make every one of our customers happy.


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