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Extended Thread (ET) Black Spline Drive 14mm x 1.50 Lug Nuts (20pcs + Spline Key) 2007-21 Tundra, 2008-2022 Sequoia, Landcruiser 100/200




20pcs lug nuts + 1pc spline socket adapter (key) for 5×150 bolt pattern Toyotas (complete set for a five lug vehicle)

Each set includes 20pcs of M14x1.5P Gorilla brand short, spline drive, extended thread (ET) conical seat lug nuts in black and a small diameter, spline socket adapter (key) with 13/16″ (21mm) and 7/8″ (22mm) hex head. Shipping with insurance and signature confirmation is also included within the 50 United States (please contact us prior to ordering if you’re outside the United States as the price will be higher due to higher shipping costs).

These lug nuts are a perfect match for use with the majority of our 5×150 Toyota specific wheels that were produced after 2020 and for use with all current production 5×150 bolt pattern wheels that we offer.

These lug nuts are small diameter (.91″ diameter), 1.65″ overall length (1.4″ exposed length with .25″ ET shank), and they have a six spline pattern. Small diameter, spline lug nuts are preferred to conventional “bulge” hex lug nuts because small diameter lug nuts offer better clearance between the socket adapter and the wheel, which makes it much less likely that your wheels will become scratched or damaged during installation. The short length of these lug nuts is perfect for Toyota applications, since a long lug nut is not necessary given the short overall length of OEM Toyota wheel studs.

Extended thread (ET) lug nuts are not to be confused with extended length (XL) lug nuts. Extended thread (aka ET) lug nuts feature a shank which goes into the stud opening to engage more threads on the wheel studs. Extended length (aka XL or sometimes just referred to as “extended”) lug nuts are just longer lug nuts usually used to accommodate longer wheel studs or for aesthetic purposes. If you’re unsure which lug nuts you need, please send us an email to [email protected], call us at (951)735-1100 or send a text message to us at (714)390-9387 prior to ordering. We are more than happy to help.

This set of 20pcs 14mm x 1.50 ET lug nuts is intended for use on Toyota trucks and SUVs with 5x150mm bolt pattern hubs and aftermarket wheels with 16.2mm diameter lug hole openings. These lug nuts are not intended for use with OEM wheels or certain aftermarket wheels, including FN Wheels models that were manufactured prior to 2020.

Please contact us at [email protected] or (951)735-1100 prior to ordering if you’re unsure which lug nuts you need, if you require a different shipping method, a different quantity of  lug nuts, a different thread pitch or if you are located outside of the United States. Please note that all sales are final on lug nuts.