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Set of four (4) CAP006B matte black center caps with shipping included anywhere in the United States.

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Temporarily out of stock. We will update this page with an ETA shortly.


$59.99 includes four (4) center caps and shipping to any location within the 50 United States. All orders are shipped fully insured with signature confirmation (signature required upon delivery). Shipping charges are non-refundable once your order has been shipped. Please contact us prior to ordering at [email protected] or (951)735-1100 if you require a different shipping method, a different quantity of center caps or if you are located outside of the United States.


  • Set of four (4) push-thru, matte black, metal (steel) center caps for use with aluminum or steel wheels.
  • Six lug, scalloped edge pattern.
  • Outside diameter : 108mm (4.25″)
  • Inside diameter : 106.1mm (4.18″)
  • Overall height : 48mm (1.89″)
  • Inside height (under the cap) : 46mm (1.81″)

All dimensions are approximate. Please contact us prior to ordering if you are unsure as to whether or not the caps will fit your wheels.

Any photos shown which depict a wheel are for illustration purposes only. The wheel is not included. You are purchasing four (4) center caps only.


  • FN Wheels BFD 18×9 +0mm 6×139.7 (non-flow formed version, manufactured prior to 2020)
  • Konig Countersteer Offroad 16×8″ +0mm 6×139.7
  • Konig Countersteer Type X 16×8″ +0mm 6×139.7 (non-flow formed version, manufactured prior to 2021)
  • Konig Six Shooter 17×8″ -10 6×139.7 (non-flow formed version, manufactured prior to 2015)
  • Any other wheels with a 108mm (or larger) diameter center bore and 6-lug bolt pattern.

Center cap installation instructions and important notes:

  • The cap requires the wheel to be unbolted and removed from the vehicle prior to installation.
  • This type of cap is known as a push-thru cap which installs from the backside of the wheel by inserting it through the center bore (the hole in the middle) of the wheel.
  • Ensure that your vehicle’s hub is clean and free of rust, corrosion or debris prior to installing the caps.
    • You may need to use a wire brush, wire wheel, and/or fine grit sandpaper if you have buildup on your hub that prevents the cap from being installed.
  • The cap should fit all the way over your hub, unobstructed. The wheel should be installed securely and all fasteners should be tightened and torqued to spec prior to driving. If you there is play / slop remove your wheel and check for obstructions. Do not attempt to drive or move the vehicle with a wheel that isn’t securely fastened.
  • These caps won’t fit over hubs which are taller than 46mm (i.e. manual locking hubs or full floating axles).
    • Please contact us if you need taller caps or open end caps.
  • The caps won’t fit over hubs which are larger than 106.1mm in diameter (i.e. certain Isuzus, Mitsubishis, etc.).