16x8" Konig Countersteer Type X Wheels Are Here!

*** February 2024 UPDATE***

Certain finishes are on special for a limited time. Please click on the link below to check pricing, availability or to place an order:


Please e-mail us at [email protected] or call us at (951)735-1100 if you have any questions about the new and improved 16×8″ Konig Countersteer Type X Flow Formed.

The 16×8″ Konig Countersteer Type X  was originally released in 2013 and discontinued in 2020. In late-2021 we re-released a new and improved, flow formed version which is now available.
Many improvements were made over the original 16×8″ Konig Countersteer Type X thanks to technological advancements in engineering, testing and manufacturing techniques:
  • Flow formed construction.
  • Strength increased significantly across multiple areas of the wheel compared to the original version as a result of flow form construction and engineering improvements.
    • 2,100lbs + load rating as tested and certified to the SAE J-2530 standards (strictest standard that there is).
  • Light-weight design retained : approximately 8.9kg / 19.6lbs per wheel.
  • Hub centric design for Toyota trucks (no need to install special rings or caps).
  • Lug openings drilled for conical seat, extended thread (ET) lug nuts for maximum stud engagement on short Toyota studs.
  • Flat center cap design (cleaner look compared to the original 16×8″ Countersteer Type X which came with a raised center cap).

The Countersteer Type X continues to be one of our most popular wheels due to its simple, clean design that is light-weight and exceptionally strong. It’s also currently the wheel of choice for our 2014 FJ Cruiser!

What are the advantages to ordering from FN Wheels vs. ordering a competitor’s similar design?

  • Not all wheels are created equal! Our wheels are made from high purity, virgin, A356 T6 aluminum alloy. The 16×8″ Countersteer Type X is manufactured by Konig Wheels (40+ years in business) to our specifications using a state of the art flow forming process.
  • 16×8″ Countersteer Type X flow formed wheels have been tested to DOT, JWL-T and SAE J2530 standards. Load ratings were achieved with oversized tires to ensure strength and safety for our customers who intend to lift their trucks and install larger tires.
  • We have been in business continuously for 20+ years. We are not a fly-by-night, “online only” operation. We don’t source our wheels from the cheapest manufacturer or from a random company that we found on Alibaba.com. We aren’t out to make a quick buck and then disappear. Our goal is to maintain a flawless reputation with our customers.
  • We do not rely on our manufacturer as the final source of quality assurance or quality control. Despite the fact that our manufacturer has an excellent track record for accuracy and quality, we still perform a multi-point quality control inspection on every wheel in our Corona, California warehouse prior to shipping to our customers. We also do not drop ship any of our products. In the rare event that there is a mistake with an order we accept responsibility and fix the mistake. We don’t point fingers, deflect blame, pass the buck or give our customers the runaround.
  • All shipments are packaged by us with great attention to detail to ensure safe delivery to our customers. We double box every wheel, reinforce the outer edges of the packaging, fully insure every shipment, and require signature confirmation upon delivery to ensure that the wheels arrive safe and sound. No corners are cut when it comes to shipping wheels to our customers. This is not an inexpensive method of shipping wheels, but our philosophy has always been that high quality wheels deserve to be shipped in a high quality manner.
  • FN Wheels provides unlimited technical support via e-mail and phone. While most of our competitors have long since given up on talking to customers over the phone, we welcome and appreciate your phone calls. Customers in the U.S. and Canada can reach us toll free at (855) WHEEL-00 (855-943-3500). Local and international customers can reach us by calling 1-951-735-1100. Dustin is also available via text or phone on his cell : (714)390-9387.
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