Terms of use

Product Images & Descriptions

All products shown on our website include images (where available) and descriptions. All items have been photographed and described to the best of our ability. In some instances we use manufacturer photographs and/or descriptions, and in other instances we use photos and descriptions that we have generated. All images and descriptions are intended to be used for reference only. We are not responsible for variable interpretations of our descriptions, differences in monitor contrast settings, resolutions, etc. which may cause the products to appear differently on your monitor / screen. Please carefully research all products before ordering. If you require additional images prior to ordering, please contact us


Prices can change at any time without notice. In the unlikely event that a typographical error has occurred on our website, we will notify the customer immediately and offer either a refund or request for an adjustment.

Special Orders & Back Orders

In the event of a back order, the customer will be notified immediately and given the opportunity to cancel the order without penalty. Any backorders or special orders requested by the customer require payment in advance. Individual terms will be established based on the customers specific backorder or special order request.


FN Wheels accepts cashiers check, money order, credit card. We also accept cash from local customers (PLEASE DO NOT MAIL CASH). Please contact us if you'd like to schedule a will-call pick-up, or if you'd like an invoice to include with your payment by mail.


International Payments

FN Wheels ONLY accepts cashiers check, money order or Western Union transfer from international customers. We do not accept Paypal, credit card or any other forms of payment other than cashiers check, money order or Western Union transfer if you are ordering from outside the United States.

Wheel Weight

FN Wheels does not sell wheels based on the weight of a wheel. Due to variances in scale calibrations, Internet data, etc., we will only provide weight figures as a point of reference. We cannot, under any circumstances, accept a return based on the weight of the wheel.


No warranty whatsoever will be given if the defect was caused by customers' abuse, negligence, mishandling, or improper installation. All merchandise sold by FN Wheels is only subject to manufacturer's warranty, if any. Warranty items are subject to submission to the manufacturers (or to FN Wheels in the case of FN Wheels product) for inspection and approval for repair or replacement of merchandise. The customer, however, will be responsible for all shipping and handling fees. No labor or inconvenience may be included in any warranty claims.


FN Wheels must receive all requests for returns within 48 hours of the customer receiving the product, and FN Wheels must approve all returns. Returns may be subject to a 25% Restocking fee + shipping fees. Special Orders are typically not eligible for return. Shipping charges are non-refundable. The customer is responsible for shipping the items back to us at their expense, and the customer must ensure that the products arrive in new, salable condition.


Cancellation of special orders: There are to be no cancellations of special orders. In the event that a special order must be cancelled, approval must be requested from FN Wheels. If approved, the special order will be subject to a 30% restocking fee (including orders that have not yet been shipped, as we are obligated to pay for special orders regardless of whether or not we ship them).

Orders that have already shipped and are not special order items will be subject to the policies outlined in the returns section, as they are not considered cancelled items. Orders that have already shipped generally cannot be cancelled, and they are considered returns. Certain orders under varying circumstances may or may not be considered special order items. FN Wheels retains the right to charge a restocking / handling fee of a minimum of 10% of the total for any cancelled order, under any circumstance, whether or not the order has already shipped (in some instances, even though your order has not shipped, we may have incurred expenses in having the product transferred to our warehouse, packaged, etc.).

Returns after mounting tires

Mounted wheels are not returnable. Any returns due to a mistake by FN Wheels will be handled promptly, and are eligible for a full adjustment, at no cost to the customer as long as tires have not yet been mounted. All wheels are inspected prior to shipping for order accuracy and for damage. Do not mount tires onto wheels which you believe to be incorrect or damaged. Wheels which are not defective, whether mounted by FN Wheels or by another installer, are never returnable. If a wheel is deemed to be defective after mounting, we will most definitely work to get you a replacement wheel as quickly as possible. Please note that FN Wheels or an approved associate will require inspection to determine whether or not a wheel is defective once it has been mounted. If you have ordered a mounted wheel/tire package from FN Wheels and the unlikely event of an error on the part of FN Wheels occurs, we will correct the order at no charge to the customer.

Theft Claims

All theft claims must be resolved with the appropriate homeowner's or renter’s insurance company. FN Wheels will provide whatever information necessary to process theft claims to the customer. The customer is responsible for resolving all loss/theft claims with the homeowner's or renter’s insurance company. All shipments are sent with signature confirmation, unless the customer specifically requests otherwise in writing, prior to shipment. If the customer requests no signature required upon delivery, the customer assumes all responsibility for deliverance of the package. Signature confirmation delivery is included by FN Wheels at no additional charge to the customer to prevent theft. We strongly suggest that you do not request the removal of signature confirmation, and, depending on the value of the shipment, we may not be able to honor certain requests for removal of signature required delivery.