Truck wheels with form and function!!

Well it’s about time we bring out some truck wheels that people will love and be jealous of!

With over 10 years of wheel experience in the import scene and  truck / offroad scene, we bring you the coolest and the best in quality and price truck wheels.

Covering some of the hottest dirt flingers out there, Tundra’s, FJ’s, Fords – you name it we’ll bring it!

We’d love to hear from people out there: what you got what you like, what you want and need. We’ll help you get it!


  • Aloha Dustin & FN! I am having major drama trying to put together my wheel/tire combo. I was dead set on the BFD’s, but I’m having trouble finding a tire I wanna run on them. I want the Duratrac’s, but they don’t offer a 285 in 18″…..their 275 specifies a 7-8″ width wheel.

    I know it’s a longshot, but any chance the BFD available in 8″ width with a 4.5″ backspace? Do you guys do custom fitment or have an 18″ wheel coming up with those specs?

    KidMarch 3, 2012 4:47 am
    • Sorry we missed this comment Dave! We’re so grateful that you ordered the BFDs! Your truck has inspired many of our customers!

      DustinOctober 31, 2013 7:26 pm
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