17x9 -25mm Countersteer Type X Flow Formed Update!

17×9″ -25mm 6×139.7 coming late Summer 2024!

You guys (and gals) have been asking for a more aggressive Countersteer Type X, and we’ve listened! We posted renderings of this design late last year, but we’re happy to post this update with images of physical samples and an ETA for specific applications.

Meticulous attention to details, premium aluminum alloy and advanced flow forming technology result in an excellent strength to weight ratio. These wheels weigh 23.9lbs and are load rated at 2,500lbs per wheel (DOT-T, JWL-T and SAE J-2530).

Reinforced lips/flanges.

Raised beads with knurled bead seats to maximize bead retention / minimize bead slippage at low PSI.

We expect to have the following options in stock by early September:

  • 17×9″ -25mm 6×139.7 (106) Graphite Gunmetal (gloss)
  • 17×9″ -25mm 6×139.7 (106) Matte Black
  • 17×9″ -25mm 6×139.7 (106) Matte Bronze
  • 17×9″ -25mm 6×139.7 (106) Matte Gunmetal

More colors / bolt patterns to come!

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