FN Wheels BFD

Look past the strikingly aggressive design of the BFD by FN Wheels and you will find one of the best-engineered wheels currently available. The BFD is manufactured using a state of the art counter-pressure cast method that minimizes porosity and maximizes uniformity. Unlike typical gravity cast wheels, counter-pressure cast wheels such as the BFD are lighter, stronger, and are more environmentally friendly to produce.

Each BFD wheel is tested to meet or exceed the standards outlined by the strict JWL-T and VIA requirements from Japan. The BFD is also produced to meet or exceed the requirements set forth by the SEMA standard of SAE J2530. Meeting the SAE J2530 standard is noteworthy, because this is currently a voluntary standard not mandated by any governing body. We have engineered the BFD to surpass the most stringent tests in the industry.

Simply speaking, aside from the stunning aesthetics, each FN Wheels BFD is designed to PERFORM.