FN Wheels Update - July 10, 2019

July 10, 2019

FN Wheels
Orange, CA
(855) WHEEL-00 – USA/Canada
+1-951-735-1100 – Local/International

Dear FN Wheels Customers,

Thank you for visiting FNWheels.com.

Most importantly – we appreciate and value every single one of our customers (new, old, and potential) to the highest degree possible. We’ve received many e-mails, calls and messages of concern over the last 60 or so days in response to the availability of our products and the difficulty in reaching us. Thank you all for your support and concern. We’d like to take this space to address your concerns.

Earlier this year we experienced an unprecedented convergence of difficulties with respect to our operations. Delays from our suppliers, an extremely difficult and challenging relocation of our primary warehouse and office, phone and internet service outages, serious illness in our family (we are a family run business) all occurred at roughly the same time. Please note that none of the aforementioned difficulties were in any way related to problems with the products themselves. Challenging as they have been, these were purely logistical / operational issues.

As a result, we made the difficult decision to suspend order taking until all the issues had been resolved. We completely understand and sympathize with the frustration of customers looking to place orders for our products. However, we felt that the most prudent measure for FN Wheels was to suspend order taking until we were able to guarantee that we could offer the same level of service that we’ve been known for over the last two decades. Simply stated – we did not want to take payment for orders that wouldn’t be shipped in a timely manner and/or with the attention to detail that we’re known for, and so we didn’t.

All orders that we received were processed without delay, but once it became apparent that delays would be imminent, we did not accept any payment for any orders as a precaution and out of respect for our customers’ hard-earned money. Our philosophy has always been that we’ll only accept orders if we can fully meet our customers’ expectations for their orders. FN Wheels would rather not accept payment for an order before ever running the risk of disappointing a paying customer. We humbly believe that our reputation for putting the customer first before all else speaks for itself and is without comparison in our industry.

With that said, we now feel that we’ve resolved the difficulties that have prevented us from accepting orders from you, our most valued and appreciated customers, for the last 60 days. As of today, we’ve begun accepting and processing orders again with the same quality and service that we’ve spent nearly 20 years building our reputation upon.

Our family at FN Wheels sincerely thanks everyone one of past, present and future customers, and we look forward to providing you with the best possible wheels and accessories that we can for generations to come.

Most gratefully,

FN Wheels Staff

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